Born to Rock and Roll

I live in a hobby house. My husband is a music teacher and musician and I am a quilter and crafter, so our house is filled with musical instruments, amps, sewing supplies, and fabric! It’s so amazing living in a creative household where we both have passions and both produce art.

There’s also a sense of nostalgia that comes with our crafts. Both music and quilting have a rich and long history, and we like giving nods to the past while finding our own voices in our respective arts.

This love of history has really influenced our musical purchases. We’re always on the search for treasures in record stores and we frequent Goodwill for CDs and VHSs (yes, we still have a VCR and use it often). Something about records brings back the nostalgia of earlier years and somehow feels like a more pure form of listening to music. When we got married, I felt inspired to make my husband a record player quilt (see it below), since music is such a big part of our lives together.


I even made one in Weezer blue for other record-loving friends of ours! It’s easily one of my favorite quilts, and I really appreciate the way music (like quilting) touches people and brings joy.


A local art show taking place at the end of this month had me inspired to experiment with a different type of quilt. The art show’s theme is music, and I thought a cassette tape quilt would be fun! I first drafted a cassette tape block on graph paper.

cassette sketch.jpg

Then I chose fabrics! I couldn’t resist the reds, teals, and text prints in the Feed Company collection by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics. I added in some grays and yellows from my stash to round out the look.


Then I made a test block. I always try to make a test block, especially when I’m designing my own pattern to check my math. I make sure to take plenty of notes, so I can replicate it for next time. In my original design, I included a pieced bottom and side strip to create a 3D effect, but after seeing how it looked without it, I decided to eliminate those elements from my design.


I made a few more blocks and added a standout black-and-white zigzag print from Robert Kaufman as the sashing and borders to add a little spunk.


I love how it turned out! Just needs some quilting and it’s ready to be submitted to the art show! This skinny wall hanging would be perfect hanging in a music nook (do people have those?) or even in a teen’s room!


Thanks for joining me for “happy hour”,


Do you have any music-theme quilts? I’d love to see them! Share them with me on Instagram @lindsmayland!


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