Race to the Finish: Part 2

This month, I decided to use all my traveling time (I am out of town half the month!) as an incentive to finish some long-time UFOs. My stack of quilt tops waiting to be finished was getting a little too big for comfort, and since binding is one of my favorite on-the-road activities, faster finishes meant I could do some sewing while traveling.
The first project I finished was a flannel Christmas quilt. (You can see the finished quilt here.) I’m excited to have it done before the holidays.

The next project I tackled was one of my first quilts (and as I finished it, I could definitely tell). The pattern was the Easiest Quilt Ever from AllPeopleQuilt.com. It’s just 10″ squares sewn together to make a throw. But as a beginner, getting seams straight and pressing them in the right direction was a challenge. I definitely spent more time ripping out stitches than I did sewing.

I finished the quilt on my 28th birthday in a small town in Wisconsin. We were there for a wedding and had a hotel room with a view of the Mississippi. Fall light was pouring in, beautiful autumn colors reflected against the water, and as I turned another year older, I finished this quilt. It sounds cheesy, but I can’t imagine bringing in my birthday any other way. And the fact that it was one of my first quilts made it all that more meaningful.

To me, this is the perfect picnic quilt. And it was just begging to be tied! I stitched in the ditch along the seam lines, and then did one tie in the center of each square. I chose a cozy green yarn to tie the quilt. I can’t wait for spring, so this quilt can come with me to baseball games, music festivals, and wineries!

Look for a “Race to the Finish, Part 3” coming soon!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


Do you tie your quilts? What’s your favorite material or technique? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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