Race to the Finish: Part 3

I’m ending my month of traveling soon! I got back from a family visit in northern Iowa a few days ago and am leaving for Quilt Market in Houston tomorrow. With all this traveling, I’ve been making a big effort to finish some old UFOs and use my traveling time for binding. So far, I’ve finished a flannel Christmas quilt and an easy picnic quilt. This rustic fall wall hanging is my last long-standing finish this month (and I hope to use the rest of my holiday season for some Christmas quilt and gift sewing!).

This pattern is based on the striking design by Thomas Knauer that first appeared in American Patchwork & Quilting June 2012. You can see the quilt below and buy the original pattern here. If you want the smaller version I made, AllPeopleQuilt.com has the pattern free on their website!


I finished this quilt while watching football in a small town in northern Iowa. I’ve never experienced harvest season before (my husband grew up on a farm), so being in farm country in October was beautiful. We saw combines in the field, trucks transporting corn, and grain elevators processing the corn. One of the towns we stopped in was covered in a beautiful red dust from the grain elevator.

 ​Also, I tried to get pictures of the quilt in the fields, but it was SO windy. So I had to wait to get home to take official pics, but this outtake is so fun!

​This quilt has gorgeous harvest colors that reminded me so much of the sights around me. It’s the perfect quilt for fall and really pulls in the rich and vibrant colors that October is known for.


Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


Have you finished a UFO recently? Share it with me on Facebook here.

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