Blue Heart Quilts for Fallen Officers

There has been so much sad and crazy news this past year. Each untimely and unexpected death hurts my heart, but it especially hurts when it’s so close to home.

This week, Des Moines Police Sgt. Anthony Beminio, 38, and Urbandale Police Officer Justin Martin, 24, were shot in an ambush-style shooting in their patrol cars. Schools in my community were shut down as they searched for the man, people gathered to mourn and show support, and, as with any tragic event, we all tried to understand why someone would do this.

It was amazing to see so much support for the families and co-workers of the fallen officers on social media and news coverage. And one of my favorite designers, whose father is a retired police officer, stepped up to make quilts for those families affected.

I made a blue block for Megan Pitz of Canoe Ridge Creations to turn into a throw quilt to help comfort those families as they naivagate this trying time. The block is a freebie on her blog, and is beautiful at 18″ finished. As quilters, we all know how much cuddling with a handmade quilt can brighten your day.

If you’re interested in donating a block or helping in another way, check out Megan’s blog for details.

Thanks for joining me for (a little less happy than usual) “happy hour,”

If you make a block to donate, use the hashtag #blueheartquilts on Instagram.

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