A Table Runner Pattern I’m Thankful For!

Sometimes at the start of holiday season, we’re blessed to find the perfect table runner for our fall table setting! I stumbled across this one by Stubbornly Crafty on Facebook and fell in love. Not only is it an easy pattern (something I’m looking for during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season), but it’s scrappy, which means I didn’t need to plan a trip to the store for fabric.

Look at Stubbornly Crafty’s version below! I love how versatile the pattern is. I choose to do mine in traditional fall colors, but it looks just as great with a bright and scrappy border. I also love the bit of rickrack and embroidery she added to hers!

acorn-block-tutorial-wmGet the free acorn block pattern here.

This pattern looks great with just one block (maybe for something like a hot pad!) or add a bunch together for a table runner, wall quilt, or even door décor.

I combined three acorn blocks in a table runner and added 2.5″-wide borders. Then I machine-quilted leaves blowing in the wind to finish the look.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


Need a fast fall project? I have some of my favorites over on Pinterest!



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