Projects to Sew While You Binge-Watch Gilmore Girls

Today is the day that every Gilmore Girl fan will be sitting in front of Netflix watching six hours of all our favorite Stars Hollow characters! It’s a magical event! If you want to commemorate the occasion, these sewing project are perfect!

Stars Hallow Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts. 

Gilmore Girls Cross-Stitch Magnet by KBB Crafts & Stitches.

Gilmore Girls Sewalong by During Quiet Time.

I Will Follow by May Chappell.

Thousand Yellow Daisies by Coriander Quilts.

In Omnia Paratus by The Sewing Chick.

Copper Boom by Stitching and Bacon.

You’ve Been Gilmored by Don’t Call Me Betsy.


Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


P.S. Important question. Are you team Logan, Team Jess, or Team Dean?

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