Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Week 3

Happy holidays!
Each week, I’ll be showing my progress on my Ugly Christmas Sweaters quilt and sharing a holiday tradition! If you want to know more about the quiltalong from Sew Fresh Quilts, visit my blog here.

I have 15 blocks done so far! I have five more to go and then putting the quilt together and quilting. (Three weeks until Christmas. Think I can finish it in time?)

The third holiday tradition I’ll be sharing is our Advent Calendar. If you’ve read my 25 Days of Quiltmas blog, you know I love countdowns! I think they’re a fun and meaningful way to take time each day to reflect and slow down for something you’re excited about (especially a busy season like Christmas!). 

In the past, we’ve done a traditional Advent Calendar with chocolates and other small treats. Last year, we did a craft beer calendar where we tried a new beer every day. This year, I opted for something more traditional. I found these Advent Calendar printables from Redbird Blue on Pinterest. I mounted them on kraft paper and hung with baker’s twine.

Each day, you read part of the Christmas Story. Growing up, my family read the Christmas Story before opening presents (which was definitely hard when I was little), but now I really appreciate taking time to remember a deeper meaning of this season and use it as a reminder to spread good cheer and kindness. 

Join me next week to see my Ugly Christmas Sweaters progress and I’ll share another holiday tradition!
Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”
P.S. Want to see more of my favorite Christmas projects and quilts? Follow me on Pinterest!

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