Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Week 4

Happy holidays!
Each week, I’ll be showing my progress on my Ugly Christmas Sweaters quilt and sharing a holiday tradition! If you want to know more about the quiltalong from Sew Fresh Quilts, visit my blog here.

I started this project a little more than three weeks ago and I finally have a finished quilt top! Just need to quilt and bind it before I can snuggle under it on cold winter nights! We got our first big snowfall over the weekend, so it made for great pictures (and good motivation to stay inside and sew).

The fourth holiday tradition I’ll be sharing is a cookie baking night. It’s not Christmas without cookies! I love setting aside a night to bake a favorite — in my case it’s simple sugar cookies. (I like them without frosting or sprinkles, so I can dip them in hot chocolate.)

I always like to snuggle up with my sweets and watch a Christmas movie. My favorite is White Christmas. (Although The Holiday, Love Actually, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are other personal favorites!)

Join me next week to see my Ugly Christmas Sweaters progress and I’ll share another holiday tradition!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


What’s your favorite holiday movie? I’m taking suggestions! (I’ll need something to watch while binding this quilt!)

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