My Ugly Christmas Sweater Quilt Finish!

It’s a week before Christmas and with little time to spare, I finished my Ugly Christmas Sweater quiltalong quilt!

I spent all week quilting it with a simple straight line design using metallic thread. (Tip: I leaned the hard way when working with metallic thead to use a low tension. Otherwise the thread shreds!) I love that the metallic quilting and binding adds a bit of class to this fun sweater-theme quilt!

I’m so glad this quilt is done! It snowed this weekend and the weather dropped to below zero (and that’s without the windchill!) So we’ll be snuggled under this quilt every chance we get!

Thanks so much to Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts for this fun quiltalong! Grab the free pattern here. Everyone enjoy their holidays and stay warm!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


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