How I Treated Myself for 2017!

I love starting the new year with a fresh mindset and fresh supplies! So this year, I treated myself to a few new products that I love! Yes, they’re basic supplies, but they make sewing feel special (and a little easier…more on that later!)

Products pictured:

Check out these Aurifil threads! I always love how rich their colors are and how quality their thread is –it never causes dust build up in my machine. I use this thread for everything from piecing to appliqué to quilting with no trouble. Starting the new year with a fresh box makes me inspired and excited to sew! (Think I’ll use it all?)

I love the neutrals for general piecing and use them for everything, but I’m looking forward to expanding my color palette for appliqué and quilting. I usually stick to a cream or gray, but love those gorgeous blues and corals and can’t wait to put them to use!

I’m obsessed with the Flatter spray! I use it as a starch, which is perfect for getting wrinkles out and helping small pieces to keep their shape when I’m piecing. The Pineapple Grove is a new scent, and it’s quickly a favorite! It makes my whole sewing room smell great and my projects keep that smell until I wash them!

And I’m so excited to have a new rotary cutter! Below is the one I was using before — my only one for three years.

I loved this Fiskars cutter, but the rubber handle started rubbing off which caused hand chafing and the button on the side that held the blade out kept slipping, so I’d frequently have to push it back out. I dealt with this for months and months (it’s amazing how make-do us quilters can be, right?). A new rotary cutter wasn’t expensive, but it truly has made my sewing life easier and more enjoyable!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


P.S. How have you treated yourself this year? Tell me in the comments below!

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