The Splendid Sampler: 100 Blocks Done!

After one amazing year, all 100 blocks for The Splendid Sampler are released! I learned so much from this process! Before starting the Sampler, I’d never done paper-piecing or EPP, and my embroidery skills were not something I used often. Now, I feel so comfortable with all these techniques and with piecing small blocks.

Above are my stack of blocks and the last 10 blocks (the ones I hadn’t posted any pictures of yet.) Now, I need to figure out how to arrange them all! I have a few ideas, but will be doing a few sketches on graph paper before I decide.

The blocks aren’t free on the website anymore, but they’re all going into a book that’s shipping soon! Make sure to order the book from Martingale for all the block patterns, see many of the blocks in two colorways, and read heartfelt designer stories about their blocks!

I’m so thankful for Pat and Jane for inviting me into this amazing journey and for all the designers who I learned so much from!

Finished quilt to come…


Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


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