40 Bags in 40 Days

I’ve been in a spring cleaning mood lately. The warmer weather, open windows, and longer daylight hours have me ready to clean house and start fresh after being holed up all winter.


Tomorrow starts the seventh annual 40 Bags in 40 Days de-cluttering challenge by Ann Marie from the blog White House Black Shutters. It coincides with Lent if that’s something you participate in, but I think it’s a great challenge for anyone!


Basically, you identify 40 areas in your home and life that you want to de-clutter. You record it on the handy printable list available on White House Black Shutters. Then once a day starting March 1 you de-clutter that area! Ann Marie has additional resources on her blog, too, if you’re all in!

I first identified a list of areas in my life I wanted to de-clutter. I used a word doc first, so I could delete and add at will. I printed the list and highlighted the days that fell on weekends (my husband and I work opposite hours, so weekends are a time when we both can accomplish things together). I identified things on the list that I wanted my husband’s input on and made sure those fell on the weekend. The rest I filled in by trying to keep like rooms together (so all the basement areas come in the same week).


I did everything from drawers and closets in my home to my car to my work space to things like emails and digital photos. I want a life cleanse! I know that the less clutter in my home the more room I’ll have for creativity, growth, love and friendships, and happiness.

I can’t wait to get started tomorrow! I’ll be blogging weekly about my progress and any lessons I learn. And, of course, will be posting pictures on Instagram stories each day, so follow me there.


Get details about the 40 Bags 40 Days challenge here.

I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram @lindsmayland to connect more!

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