40 Bags in 40 Days: Week 1

Seven days ago I started the 40 Bags in 40 Days De-Cluttering Challenge for Lent. And it’s been such a freeing and accomplished feeling. Not only do I see real improvement in the functionality of certain spaces of my home, but I’m also learning more about how I use specific spaces and what things I have (there’s a lot I forgot I owned).

Week’s 1 Schedule:

  1. Cabinet above the bathroom sink
  2. Cabinet below the bathroom sink
  3. Hallway closet
  4. Hallway hutch and bookshelf
  5. Junk drawers
  6. My purse
  7. My social media accounts

I’ve been doing daily Instagram Stories videos, so if you really want to see my thought process behind my de-cluttering, follow me @lindsmayland. But I’ll share a little before/after here, too!



Some things, like my medicine cabinet, didn’t change very much! I mostly organized what I had and cleaned everything. But other things like my hallway closet saw a lot of things get trashed.



The biggest change I’ve noticed is in my social media. I deleted quite a few friends, unliked hundreds of things, and have already noticed my Facebook newsfeed full of more relevant stories.

Altogether, I’ve gotten rid of one large trash bag of things, a recycling bag of papers, and two boxes of things to be donated. That’s a successful Week 1!

I was saving the harder stuff for later in the month, so I’m sure I’ll have bigger progress as the challenge progresses!


Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @lindsmayland for de-cluttering Instagram stories during Lent. 

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