40 Bags in 40 Days: Week 2

Two weeks ago I started the 40 Bags in 40 Days De-Cluttering Challenge for Lent. I’m surprised how much space we’re gaining back! As I approach each space, I think there’s no way I could get rid of anything, but a little de-cluttering and a little organization and (ta-da!) we have more room!

Week’s 2 Schedule:

  • Cat area
  • Pantry
  • Glasses
  • Fridge
  • Above the kitchen sink
  • Below the kitchen sink
  • Bookshelves in spare bedroom

I’ve been doing daily Instagram Stories videos, so if you really want to see my thought process behind my de-cluttering, follow me @lindsmayland. But I’ll share a little bit here, too!

I was saving the harder stuff for later in the month, so I’m sure I’ll have bigger progress as the challenge progresses!
Thanks for joining me for “happy hour”,

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @lindsmayland for de-cluttering Instagram stories during Lent.


  1. You have been extremely busy the last few weeks. Seems like a lot of work and time have been put into this. You do always seem to go all in when you commit to something. Congrats, wish I had the energy and will power to get as much done.


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