40 Bags in 40 Days: Week 5

I can’t believe I’ve been de-cluttering for five weeks! I’ve loved every day of it and feel so much more refreshed and comfortable in our space. (The last week is our basement and, oh boy! Wish me luck!) I really feel inspired to keep this up — I already have plans to do a de-cluttering of my photos (both paper copies and digital), and get caught up on my photo books. I think they’ll be other opportunities to do smaller versions of this challenge throughout the year!

My Week 5 De-Cluttering Schedule:

  • Office: desk
  • Office: bookshelf
  • Office: file cabinets
  • Office: fabric
  • Pics and apps on phone
  • Drawer in dining room
  • Videos

See more about the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge here.

I’m most excited about my office organization! Because I don’t have a lot of storage in my sewing room (see it here), I keep a lot of fabric at work. I had so much in a lot of places that it was impossible to find what I needed! Now I should have no trouble (plus it’s pretty!)

I started by pulling all my fabric out. I pulled out solids, precuts, larger cuts of fabric, and specialty fabrics like flannel and wool. 

I put all the precuts on display on my bookshelf, because they’re pretty (duh!) and I can grab them quick for a coordinated project. You can also see in the bottom right a bin filled with larger yardage that’s perfect for backing fabric. 

I put specialty fabrics like upholstery fabric, wool, and flannel in a drawer. I also pulled in white prints and multicolor prints (which I had a lot of). 

The rest of my fabric is organized by color! I made sure to leave room for each color so I can grow a little without having to reorganize right away. This breathing room is key when organizing! 

I kept all my solids and solid lookalikes in a box. I didn’t have room for them in any drawers (yes, I still have a little too much fabric), but I like seeing it, since I’ll pull from it frequently. 

Not pictured: I pulled out all my seasonal fabrics like Halloween and Christmas and those are separated in a smaller drawer. I would only need those at certain times of year, so I didn’t feel like those needed to be as accessible as other fabrics. 


Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


There is only one more week of the 40 Bags in 40 Days de-cluttering challenge, so if you want to see more, follow me on Instagram for daily updates!

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