Extra, Extra! Fun Ways to Use My Fabric Bowl Pattern

Since I’ve released my Soup Bowl Cozy pattern late last year, it’s been downloaded more than half a million times! Because it’s such a popular pattern, I wanted to showcase more ways to use this quick and easy pattern other places in your home!

1. Use it to corral TV remotes in the living room. (I’m not promising everyone in your household will remember to put them there, but at least they’ll have a place!)

2. Place a bowl on your dresser to hold jewelry, chapstick, and other beauty essentials.

3. I use two bowls in my sewing room to keep my most-used supplies close at hand. I frequently use one to transport supplies for embroidery or binding on the go.

4. Hold potted plants in a bowl. It adds a decorative touch to your decor and keeps dirt and water splashes off surfaces.

5. Transport spices, napkins, and silverware from the kitchen to the table with a bowl that acts as a pretty centerpiece.

6. Place a bowl by the front door as a catchall for keys, sunglasses, letters, and more.

And last, but not least, you can use it for its intended purpose — a soup bowl cozy! (Or ice cream. I’m not judging!)

Get the free pattern here.

Thanks for joining my for “happy hour,”


P.S. What others uses do you have for this pattern? I’d love to add them to the list!



  1. Thank you for the pattern. I have made these for several people as gifts. Then they started asking me for a plate cozy. I just made the squares 15 inches and you can use them for a large bowl or a dinner plate. Everyone loves them for plates. Again thank you for the pattern.


  2. Wondering how to incorporate a handle and making them bigger for transferring hot platters/bowls from the stove/oven to table or to other homes


  3. Hi just wondering if anyone can tell me exactly how long these can be put into the microwave for at any time please. My sister who put me onto this says 2 mins NO more, which really only allows for reheating, was wondering if I can use it for a bit longer to actually cook something? It’s a brilliant idea to use for cold food. I am going to try to make like a detailed quilt with Velcro going between the handle which I know won’t be microwave safe for my hubbies very hot coffees to see how that works. Hoping someone can answer me. Have a happy day


    1. Haven’t made one yet so don’t have a direct answer for you. However, I was going to use these to transport from kitchen to table. Not necessarily to cook in.


  4. I have made over one hundred of these over the last few years. Everyone loves them! My sister had me custom make some for her dinner plates. Measured and made them 2 inches bigger than the plate and decreased the length of the darts. Once you have made a few, it’s easy to adjust to any size you need.


  5. Can I put the silver heat resistance fabric that they use for ironing boards inside the two layers of batting. Or is it considered flammable. I had a bag to bake potatoes in and it caught on fire. Don’t know what was inside as I bought it.


  6. I made a few and I love it. It works great for holding cold bowls of ice cream also. I’m making some for a bridal shower gift as well.


    1. If your machine is having trouble sewing through all the layers in this project, you have a few options to help! You can cut the batting squares at 9.5″ square and center them on the fabric 10″ squares before sewing. This will eliminate extra batting bulk in the seam allowance. You can trim the seam allowance to 1/8″ before turning and topstitching to eliminate bulk in the seam allowance. You can also try sewing with a walking foot to more easily glide over the layers when sewing.


  7. Thanks for the pattern for the soup bowl cosies. I made heaps to give away as Christmas presents- people loved them and sais why had this not been thought of before? Thank you again! (They’re also good for pasta bowls if you make them a little bigger)


  8. Can you give the different sizes for the inner “seams” (as in 1″ x 2″ for the 10″ pattern) for 12″ & 14″ please? I imagine they would be different??


  9. OMG! My mother-in-law bought me a set while visiting Texas! I have loads of batik fabric I can use! These are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing! I have also placed it on my Pinterest/sewing site and am following. Your quilting ideas are beautiful as well! Everyone I know will be getting one to two sets (depending on how many people are in the family 🙂 )


    1. Thanks for the free pattern. It is a blessing to get something so nice without money. I am on a fixed income and can do these for gifts. I am havin a new Arotic valve replaced in May and I have been using these for the special staff that have been such a blessing


  10. Made one for friend in nursing home for her to put her remote for t.v.and her glasses when she is ready to call it a day.am going to use Easter fabric and use instead of Easter baskets think it will be cute.easy pattern!!


  11. I made one during nap time for my toddler to use. The fabric I used is Dr Suess – Green Eggs and Ham. I’m sure he will use it for it’s intended purpose but I also thought he can use it for his play kitchen or maybe he would like it in his bedroom to catch his matchbox cars. Who knows what uses he will come up with for it. Thanks for a fun and easy project!


  12. This could be scaled up a bit to make a cat bed, especially with some stiff fabric on the outside and a fleece on the inside. My mother’s petit cat would love it.


  13. Bought materials tonight can’t wait for my day off. Gonna make for family and friends. I am gonna momograham some with family initials.


  14. Thank you for this PDF. I hope to make some for 2 autistic teen girls for Christmas. No more dropped bowls of Ramen!!!
    I bought the Simplicity pattern, but their’s was complicated and used zigzag edges which made them look tacky.


      1. Do you have calculations for a smaller and larger one. Love to utilize for other items. Jewelry bowl, also crochet bowl. So many ideas


  15. We have 2 and just love them. Used mainly for soup right now, but with all your creative ideas, am thinking of a manly way to incorporate some common tools.


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