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Extra, Extra! Fun Ways to Use My Fabric Bowl Pattern


Since I’ve released my Soup Bowl Cozy pattern late last year, it’s been downloaded more than half a million times! Because it’s such a popular pattern, I wanted to showcase more ways to use this quick and easy pattern other places in your home!

1. Use it to corral TV remotes in the living room. (I’m not promising everyone in your household will remember to put them there, but at least they’ll have a place!)

2. Place a bowl on your dresser to hold jewelry, chapstick, and other beauty essentials.

3. I use two bowls in my sewing room to keep my most-used supplies close at hand. I frequently use one to transport supplies for embroidery or binding on the go.

4. Hold potted plants in a bowl. It adds a decorative touch to your decor and keeps dirt and water splashes off surfaces.

5. Transport spices, napkins, and silverware from the kitchen to the table with a bowl that acts as a pretty centerpiece.

6. Place a bowl by the front door as a catchall for keys, sunglasses, letters, and more.

And last, but not least, you can use it for its intended purpose — a soup bowl cozy! (Or ice cream. I’m not judging!)

Get the free pattern here.

Thanks for joining my for “happy hour,”


P.S. What others uses do you have for this pattern? I’d love to add them to the list!