Who Gives A Crap?

I’m interrupting my quilting posts to let you know about a product I love! A co-worker introduced me to it and I ordered online right away — I love a product that helps people and is also useful!

The company Who Gives A Crap was launched in 2012 after three friends learned that 2.4 billion people across the world don’t have access to a toilet. That’s roughly 40% of the global population and means that diarrhea-related diseases fill over half of sub-Saharan African hospital beds and kill 900 children under 5 years old every day.

They sell toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues to help raise awareness and also to raise money to make a difference. They make all their products with environmentally-friendly materials and donate 50% of their profits. Since they started, they’ve donated almost $500,000 to fund sanitation products. That’s enough to help tens of thousands of people. In fact, for every roll you buy, the money supplies one person with access to a bathroom for one week. 

Did you know that toilet paper is still, largely, made with freshly-cut trees. Growing trees and processing them for paper products consumes lots of energy and water. Who Gives A Crap only uses forest-friendly materials to save trees and thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions. These paper products are made from bamboo and sugarcane, which are easier and faster to grow so they use less water and energy to process. 

Their packaging is also the cutest and they encourage you to recycle! I’m planning to use this paper wrap as tissue paper or gift wrap! 

Toilets provide dignity, health and an improved quality of life. It’s been shown that a dollar invested in sanitation yields $5.50 in increased economic prosperity. So the impact is much larger than just a toilet!

And if that wasn’t enough, they’re cat approved! I ordered the paper towels and tissues, and love them. They’re softer than other products I’ve bought, are durable, and so fun! Plus, for these boxes I only paid $30 and got free shipping (almost cheaper than buying from our local drug store).

I hope you consider supporting this amazing organization! I’m excited to support them in the future! 
Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”



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