My Favorite Way to Clean Pet Hair Off My Quilts

I love my cat Harvey, but he has the most annoying habit of shedding hair everywhere. And when his favorite spots around the house are the quilts, I have to get creative with how to remove hair without a constant stream of laundry. 

While I’m perfectly comfortable washing the bed and throw quilts, I try to avoid washing the table toppers — especially since I usually quilt them less dense and want them to stay structured. 

Look at all the hair! And Harvey’s gray hair is so noticeable on white fabric. My two-minute hack isn’t genius, but it’s cheap and is gentle enough to be used on any quilt and fabric!

If the weather is nice, I always shake the quilt outside first to get rid of any excess hair. 

My secret tool: a garment brush. I like one with soft bristles, which I found works better than those sticky lint rollers or a vacuum. You can buy my favorite brush for less than $10 on Amazon.


I always move the brush away from me and  in the same direction as the quilting (that way, you’re not going against the stitching).

I clean the brush frequently, so I’m not moving the hair to other parts of the quilt. 

Ta-da! Look how much hair I got out with a cheap brush! It only took a few minutes (compared to an hour for washing and drying), so I can do it quickly before company comes over. 

That white fabric is back to normal (although a few weeks from now, I’ll definitely need to clean again!). What are your favorite ways to get rid of pet hair on your quilts?

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


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  1. I use this brush method, too, but I have to do it on the sly. If my cat catchesxme, she follows me and starts rolling on table runners immediately after I finish…one after the other.


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