June UFO Challenge Project

Summer is the perfect time for handwork! I spent the last few weeks working on this embroidery project that’s been sitting in my drawer for a few years. 

The pattern was a preprinted design by Lisa Orgler for our local quilt shop showing a view of downtown Des Moines. 

I struggled for a long time about how to embellish this. The gray preprinted lines were close together and very detailed, so the thought of embroidering every shape seemed overwhelming. I decided to use a limited color palette to fill in some defining features!

Using mustard yellow, two shades of gray, and black, I filled in details such as windows, trees, grass, and windows. I used Cosmo threads from Lecien Fabrics, which are my favorite. 

I outlined the design with a backstitch and black thread to frame it, then did a chain stitch in yellow for a second border. 

I filled the umbrella (a standout red feature of the Des Moines skyline) with red satin stitches to really highlight it. 

It’s now framed and hanging on our growing Iowa art wall! We have a record player quilt I made my husband for our wedding, Seinfeld art from a local artist, an Iowa screen print, and now my embroidery project hanging in our living room. They all use the yellow, gray, and black color palette. 

I’m excited for another project finish and addition to the wall! This is my fifth UFO (unfinished object) finish this year thanks to the UFO Challenge. Have you joined yet? It’s so motivating! Get more info about the Challenge here!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”



  1. We have that same screen print in the center on our own “Des Moines wall” (gotta love Ray Gun!). My husband is from Des Moines, and a Hawkeye. Nice collection you have there!


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