July UFO Challenge Project

Two Christmases ago, the @allpeoplequilt Instagram hit 10,000 followers and celebrated with a free mini quilt pattern. (It's still available if you love it! Look up #sewminiquiltalong on Instagram and scroll down!)

I finished the quilt before that Christmas, but needed to embellish it. (Most shapes were recognizable without the embellishments, but the wreath looked like a circle.) Well, after displaying this quilt for two Christmases, it's finally finished!

I gave the wreath a red ribbon bow. The sheer ribbon with the wire edges will help me reshape the bow after being in storage all year.

The skate got embroidered laces with buttons. I love the gray in this fabric collection — it's such a modern touch to a holiday color palette.

Although the mitten didn't feel like it needed an embellishment, it didn't feel right for it to be the only block without something extra, so I added some buttons.

I gave the mug some steam lines so you know it's holding a warm and cozy beverage! (I love hot apple cider in winter.)

I'm so happy to finally have this quilt done! (If you need help finishing projects, join the UFO Challenge! It's helped me finish a project a month this year.) It definitely was Christmas in July for me!

Thanks for joining me for "happy hour,"


P.S. If you want to see more behind-the-scenes of my sewing life (like the video above from this photoshoot, follow me on Instagram @lindsmayland.

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