August UFO Challenge Project

We're huge Star Wars fans in our household! While preparing for the release of The Force Awakens a few years ago, I started a mini Star Wars quilt I found on Craftsy.

The pattern by Quiet Play, features four types of aircrafts from the original series. It was my first time foundation-piecing, and I struggled. Each of these blocks is only 4", so you can imagine how tiny those pieces are!

Above is a comparison of the first block I made (left) and my redo of the block (right). I knew nothing about foundation piecing and the instructions were pretty lacking, so I didn't realize you had to use a smaller stitch length, plan for extra fabric, and keep the papers in until your pieces are sewn together. I think you can tell a big difference between the two blocks.

After two years and a little more foundation piecing practice (and the help of some great tutorials), I took a stab at this project again! I finished it in one day!

I found the perfect backing fabric — it reminds me of the Death Star. And I chose metallic polka dot for the binding to give it a little shimmer. I did random straight lines across the quilt in a black thread to quilt it.

This experience has reminded me that if I'm stuck on something because it's a new technique, that taking a step back to educate myself is the best thing I can do. I struggled through one block of the quilt, but after some practice could finish this quilt in hours.

Now this quilt is proudly displayed on our movie wall! (And, hey, I'm ahead of the game for The Last Jedi release!) If you need help finishing projects, join the UFO Challenge! It has helped me finish a project a month this year!

Thanks for joining me for "happy hour,"

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