End-of-Summer Fun

It’s been almost three weeks since my last blog! Boy, time flies when you’re having fun. I stepped away from my sewing machine and my phone for a few weeks for some fun weekends out of town!

Our first trip was to Lake Panorama, Iowa! It’s a beautiful small town an hour from our home.

We took a hike in the greenest place I’ve ever seen. The trees, grass, and algae in the lake were so green — I was in awe of all the different shades.

We also saw a field of yellow flowers (yellow is my fave color, so I was so excited to see this!).

Later, we hit the tiki bar for a fruity drink and watched the boats on the water. It was the perfect temperature and so sunny. Then we drank by the pool and watched the sunset.

I, of course, can’t forget the delicious food! Living in Iowa, we don’t often get great fresh fish, but I went for the fish sandwich and it was delicious. The next morning was rainy, so we did a big brunch and watched the rain hit the lake.

The next weekend, we drove to northern Iowa for a wedding. Farm country is so beautiful this time of year, and my in-laws live right next to a gorgeous field. (See those soybeans?)

The wedding reception was at an old barn turned restaurant and golf course. It was great to catch up with family and friends and relax. I always appreciate how dark the country gets, and that night I even saw a shooting star.

The next day we went hiking. We went to Pilot Knob State Park (Iowa’s second-highest point) and saw some amazing views.

My teacher husband is back to school and my work is in holiday mode, so we’re busy again! I looking forward to getting back to a routine, but will miss afternoons off and weekends away.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour”. I’ll be back to regular sewing posts soon!


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