How to Infuse Vodka with Rosemary

I love growing herbs and using them (both fresh and dried) in my cooking and drinks! A huge crop of rosemary this summer forced me to get creative with how I was using it! This infused vodka is an instant favorite for the holidays — it’s fresh and has a beautiful earthy flavor that reminds me of a forest with a fresh snowfall!

Infusing is easy! Pick your favorite vodka (I used Seagram’s.) And clean three to five sprigs of rosemary so there is no dirt.

Simply place vodka in a jar (I used a pint mason jar). Then fill the jar with your cleaned sprigs of rosemary. Let the jar sit for two weeks to be fully infused. Keep it in a dry, cool place. Remove the rosemary after two weeks, but store as long as you want!

It’s so beautiful! A jar would make a great gift during the holidays. But be warned: as the vodka is infusing, the rosemary will turn the vodka a deep amber color — not as pretty as the green against the clean liquid. So if you are giving it as a gift, don’t slip the rosemary in until the last minute.

Have you ever tried infusing liquor with herbs? What’s your favorite combination?

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”



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