Happy Hour Stitches

A Birthday Project: Week 8


I’m 56 hexagons into my birthday quilt! As part as celebrating a year in my life, I’m making a hexagon to describe each day! (You can read more about this project here.)

Here’s a little description of what each hexagon means (start in the middle, move to the camera hexagon and move clockwise):

Day 50: My husband and I put up all our favorite Christmas decorations — a post-Thanksgiving weekend tradition!

Day 51: We started filming for our four-week Quiltmas video program at work! (Read more about it here.)

Day 52: Started a new makeup routine. I’m not one to wear a lot of makeup, but am trying something new an love it!

Day 53: After months and months of skipping date night because we were so busy, we did an impromptu dinner out. I really enjoyed spending time with my husband!

Day 54: This is exactly how I felt this day. After getting only three hours of sleep and having a busy day, I felt overwhelmed, but very productive!

Day 55: An afternoon off and a Friday night to myself left me SO much time to check things off my bulleted to-do list! (Anyone else need more hours in the day during the holidays?)

Day 56: Finally got to see a great band, whose album “Just Set Fire to the Prize” is a personal fave!

I’ll update my hexagon progress every week or two! And I’ll be using the hashtag #lindsayhexies29 on Instagram to share pictures.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”