The 2018 Quilter’s Planner: A Must-Have for an Organized Quilter

I would describe myself as a very organized person — I love deadlines and crossing things off my to-do list. But any organized person has a secret weapon to keep them on track and mine is The Quilter’s Planner!

I purchased The Quilter’s Planner for the first time last year (read my initial review here), and I love how personalized this amazing planner is for quilters. Creator Stephanie Palmer knows that as quilters we have work and play time to balance (as well as families, chores, and hustles). Having a planner that lets us keep on track in both our personal lives, but also help us find time for our creative outlet, is so important.

I love this year’s planner and all the fun features it has! The beautiful quotes are so inspiring, while a yearly goal planner helps us explore our big ideas!

A monthly calendar lets you keep track of holidays, appointments, and set monthly goals. And a cute monthly block design can be found in the fun pattern magazine included.

A daily calendar let’s you set concrete goals and cross things off your list. I also love the habit tracker! (Maybe I’ll try to sew at least 10 minutes a day this year.)

A project planner gives you room to doodle and plan future quilt designs. The Quilter’s Planner Mini also has a helpful way to organize all your projects for the year — perfect if you have lots of gifts to give! (Note: The Mini does not come with The Quilter’s Planner — it’s extra cost, but I think it’s worth it.)

The reference section in the back of the book has so many great reference charts, tutorials, and how-tos. I’ve even ripped out these pages in last year’s planner and hung them in my quilting room so I can see them clearly when needed.

Alison Glass-inspired stickers are perfect for adding highlights and important occasions to your calendar. Or just for decorating and making pretty!

The pocket in the back can hold patterns, fabric swatches, shopping lists, and anything else you may need!

Here’s a quick flip-through of the magazine that comes with your planner! (Football was playing in the background, so no need to listen too closely!) Kitty Wilkin did the stunning photography and it’s so beautiful to see behind-the-scenes of the making of the magazine, designer tips and inspiration, and extra projects to keep you busy in the new year!

Here’s a flip-through of the Mini. It has daily planners for 26 days, shopping and meal planners, project planners, and more. This is a great tool to have during the busy holiday season when you’re making gifts and decor, shopping and planning family meals, and need a little extra help keeping track of your schedule in a book that easily fits in your purse.

Buy The Quilter’s Planner here.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


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