Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

Cream Rustic Spa Makeover Party Photo Collage

As we approach the holidays, I’m doing some reflecting on the past year and thought it would be fun to round up my top 10 blogs from the year! Thanks to everyone who read a blog, made a pattern, and connected with me on social media! I’ve enjoyed all our time together and am looking forward to an amazing upcoming year!


1. Soup Bowl Cozy PatternThis free pattern was a hit this year. In fact, almost half a million of you read this pattern! I saw lots of pictures on Facebook and Instagram of your finished bowl cozies, especially around the holidays for gifts.


2. Extra, Extra! Fun Ways to Use My Fabric Bowl Pattern: My soup bowl cozy pattern has a lot of uses besides protected hands from hot foods! This blog gave six more ideas for using these fabric bowls in your home.


3. Mini Meow Quilt Pattern: I’m so happy to have found other cat lovers/quilters out there! This cute quilt features simple pieced kitties in a free pattern that can be any size.


4. Charming Mini Quilt: Use up those mini charm squares in a fast quilt pattern that makes a great gift. I had lots of social media support on this pattern (see the #5 top blog).


5. Charming Mini Blog Hop: I was so lucky to host my very first blog hop to promote my Charming Mini Quilt pattern with five very talented Instagram friends! They all showed such fun ways to make this pattern work for your own home!


6. My Favorite Way to Clean Pet Hair Off My Quilts: If you have a pet, this guide is a must-read! I show you how to use a cheap purchase to clean hair off your quilts in two minutes (no washing required!).


7. The Only Quilting Planner You Need: The Quilter’s Planner really helped me organize both my professional and personal life in 2017! I just wrote a review of their newest planner, so make sure to check that out!


8. Join The Children’s Library Mystery Block-of-the-Month!: This year, I participated in Pat Sloan’s block-of-the-month through Free Quilt Patterns. I have yet to finish it, so watch for that in 2018!



9. Winter Pinwheel Quilt Pattern: Need a fast quilt? This one is for you! This free pattern uses precut 10″ squares and a triangle-square hack to make a fast block that can be put into any configuration!


10. Happy Holidays + a Giveaway: Before you get all excited, the giveaway ended a year ago. I celebrated a quilt finish with a fun fabric + mug rug giveaway. I think I’m due for another one, though, so keep following along on the blog. 😉

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour” and for a great 2017,


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