10 Things You Can Do To Start Your Year of Sewing Off Right

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I like to start the New Year off right, especially when it comes to my sewing life! Doing the 10 items below helps me start the year off refreshed, inspired, and enthusiastic about my projects! None of these to-dos will take very long, but they’ll have a big impact on the joy quilting will bring you in the upcoming year.

1. Pick a creative word of the year — something that will guide you and inspire you! Last year, my word was “mindful,” which forced me to slow down my sewing process, learn more, and appreciate the steps of quilting. This year, my word is “yellow,” to remind me to find happiness, brightness, and take chances in my sewing life.

2. Get a planner or journal. I use The Quilter’s Planner to keep my life organized, but having a specific notebook for keeping track of deadlines, projects you want to make, inspiration, and doodles/quilting designs, can help you get focused.

3. Change your needle and rotary cutter blade. Many of us probably don’t change these things often enough, and having a fresh needle and blade will really make sewing easier and enjoyable.

4. Clean your machine. If you haven’t given your machine some love in awhile, now’s a great time (and you’ll easily remember the last time you cleaned it if you start with the New Year). Less lint and a little oil will help you sew smoothly.

5. Wind some bobbins. How often are you sewing along, making a lot of progress, and then you run out of bobbin thread? I like to wind bobbins of my most used thread (white, cream, and black), so I can easily swap them out without missing a beat.

6. Get inspired. Inspiration is a key to creation! Follow people who inspire you on social media, make an inspiration board in your sewing room, keep a journal where you record notes or pictures, or join a local or online sewing group.

7. Make a goal. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut. Make a goal to learn a new skill, check something off your quilting bucket list, or finish some UFOs. Even if it’s a small goal, accomplishing something new can restore your passion and enthusiasm for quilting.

8. Organize your workspace. I’m not saying it needs to be clutter-free — just organized enough for you to have an open workspace and know where all your supplies and fabric are. Being able to have space to sit down with a project and find all your supplies means more sewing time!

9. Donate fabric and quilts. If you have fabrics you’ll never use or quilts you’ll never finish, consider donating them to a local organization or quilt shop who will finish it for a charity. It gives you more room in your stash and allows others to receive joy from your discards.

10. Give yourself a compliment. Many quilters are so hard on themselves (hey, none of us are perfect!). Start the new year off right by finding something you’re really proud of and giving yourself props!

What would you add to the list? Did any of these items really make a difference in your sewing life? Let me know in the comments!


Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”



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