A Birthday Project: Weeks 11 and 12

I’ve been holding myself back on too many holiday hexies even though I’ve been in the Christmas spirit for awhile now, but these few weeks I went all out! Now it seems like I’ll need to add more color — lots of snowy whites and creams recently. As part of celebrating a year in my life, I’m making a hexagon to describe each day! (You can read more about this project here.)

Here’s a little description of what each hexagon means (start in the middle, move to the telephone hexagon and move clockwise):

Day 71: Just has a super crabby day (end-of-year stresses kicking in!). Even though I wasn’t having an awesome day, I still felt loved.

Day 72: Sometimes a simple phone call can really brighten your day — one from my dad today ended my day on a positive note.

Day 73: Finished all the blocks for my Aurifil Designer of the Month quilt. It’s the first UFO Challenge quilt on my list, so am making progress.

Day 74: As a work Christmas present, I got a fat quarter bundle of the Fragile collection from Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics. I love the yellow of the fabric!

Day 75: Snow! Not too much, but enough to blanket our neighborhood.

Day 76: Made the goal of drinking more water, so I downloaded the free app called Plant Nanny. (Definitely would recommend if you also have this goal!)

Day 77: Put finishing touches on the presents and packed them into our sleigh (car) for Christmas travel deliveries!

Here’s a little description of what each hexagon means (start in the middle, move to the red hexagon and move clockwise):

Day 78: “Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ring tingling too. Come on it’s lovely weather, for a sleigh ride together with you.” We drove to my sister-in-law’s house for Christmas Eve while singing Christmas songs the whole way!

Day 79: After four Christmases together, my husband and I finally got to spend Christmas Day at home by ourselves with no traveling. It was so relaxing!

Day 80: Made the six-hour drive through the countryside to my parent’s house for the holidays.

Day 81: Grabbed coffee with my aunts at a new local cafe. We sat by the fireplace and caught up!

Day 82: Had the pleasure of helping my mom sew her first quilt — and stole some of her fabric for this hexagon! (For those who saw my free Charming Mini Pattern, you’ll know I wrote these instructions for her! Didn’t she do amazing?)

Day 83: A Midwestern snowstorm extended my time with my parents for an extra day!

Day 84: Extreme cold and winter roads have me low tire pressure for my long drive home. It was a nervous trip.

I’ll update my hexagon progress every week or two! And I’ll be using the hashtag #lindsayhexies29 on Instagram to share pictures.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


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