A Birthday Project: Weeks 13 and 14

I’ve now spent more than three months making a hexagon a day — it’s been both a challenge and a joy! As part of celebrating a year in my life, I’m making a hexagon to describe each day! (You can read more about this project here.)

Here’s a little description of what each hexagon means (start in the middle, move to the champagne hexagon and move clockwise):

Day 85: New Year’s Eve. Negative temps had us stay in and we were in bed by 11pm.

Day 86: Celebrated the first day of the year with a day off from work and a bottle of champagne.

Day 87: Picked a word of the year — and it’s yellow! I’m really drawn to this color and think it evokes happiness, surprises, and hope it lets me shine bright this year.

Day 88: Brrrrr. So cold lately. We’re in full hibernation mode!

Day 89: I’ve been making an effort this year to smile and say hi to everyone I pass! It’s really made for positive interactions throughout the day!

Day 90: We did date night at an Indian restaurant tonight. I’ve never had Indian food and really loved it!

Day 91: Finally got my car in for an appointment — lots of work done and got it back as good as new!

Here’s a little description of what each hexagon means (start in the middle, move to the pencil hexagon and move clockwise):

Day 92: I have a resolution to read more this year. I started a monthly post on the blog about what books I’m reading and paired it with a free bookmark pattern!

Day 93: Sometimes you just need a creative day — time to sketch, design, touch fabrics, and dream of future projects.

Day 94: Without going into too much detail, we had a bat in our house, which I got out after lots of squealing.

Day 95: Reached 10 days in a row of morning meditation using the Headspace app. I love it!

Day 96: We had a snow and ice storm today.

Day 97: Dinner date at a fancy Italian place with my friend. It was a a special treat.

Day 98: Stayed in my flannel pajamas all day drinking coffee and tea.

I’ll update my hexagon progress every week or two! And I’ll be using the hashtag #lindsayhexies29 on Instagram to share pictures.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


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