3 Reasons I Use Hand Quilting Thread for Binding

Binding is my favorite part of the quilting process. I love sitting down with a good movie, a quilt on my lap, and working with my hands to finish something I worked hard on.

But binding isn’t everyone’s favorite — in fact, I’d guess many people hate binding. If you’re one of those people (or just looking for an easier tool to make binding more pleasant), try hand quilting thread!

3 Reasons I Love Hand Quilting Thread for Binding:

  1. Because hand quilting thread is coated, it doesn’t tangle! I usually cut a length of about three feet of hand quilting thread when I’m binding! That means less time tying knots, burying threads, and untangling thread.

2. The coated hand quilting thread also glides through the fabric so easily! Because of the smooth process, I don’t hold my binding in place with Wonder Clips or glue — just hold it down with my fingers and glide the thread through!

3. It’s thicker than piecing thread, so I know I can tug it and pull it without any breakage! And I know it will hold my binding tightly in place through many washes and a lot of wear!

Bonus: It comes in a lot of colors, so you’ll always find one to match your backing and binding! See my favorite binding tools, including hand-quilting thread, here.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


Have you ever tried hand quilting thread for your binding? What other tips or tools make binding more enjoyable for you?


  1. Is this thread 100% cotton, which I would need for your bowl cozies? Is it hard to find? I have a hard time finding 100% cotton thread where I live and a very poor color selection.


    1. It is not 100% cotton. If you’re having trouble finding the right thread, you can always use what you have on hand. Then instead of microwaving the cozy, just transfer your your warm bowl to the cozy after heating!


  2. Thank you for the binding tip using quilting thread. I have three quilts waiting for me to bind. This gives me the incentive start binding one.


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