A Cute Surprise and a New Finish!

Although I had known my now-husband for a few years, we had a nice friendship before we started dating. Five years ago, we went on our first date for lunch at a local restaurant and have been great partners ever since!

Every year on our dating anniversary, my husband buys me one flower for every year we’ve been dating — this year 5. The type of flowers changes every year, and they’re always beautiful. I’ve been in such a rainbow mood lately (can you tell by my recent projects?), so he did a great job with these!

And I had such a busy and stressful week, that I didn’t remember my husband’s tradition. So when he walked in the door carrying flowers, I was so surprised and thankful to be married to such a thoughtful man!

I couldn’t resist taking photos of the flowers with my new quilt finish — it matched so perfectly! I used scraps from my Aurifil Block-of-the-Month quilt to whip up this mini. The pattern is Strippin’ Mini by Quilt Addicts Anonymous.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


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