The Children’s Library Mystery Block-of-the-Month Finish

This may be one of my favorite finishes of all time! This block of the month hosted by Pat Sloan for Free Quilt Patterns was a blast to make! It really invoked in me a deeper connection to the earth and got me through a long and cold winter!

I used The Potting Shed collection by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics for my quilt. It’s a beautifully subtle collection with organic greens and creams, and a delicate purple that reminds me of lavender.

This past year, I really embraced my green thumb! I grew both indoor and outdoor plants. I had a vegetable garden that I spent each day caring for, grew and dried herbs for cooking and tea, and had a lavender plant that brought me joy every morning as I rubbed my hands through it.

The original quilt was a little bigger than mine, but I was working with fat quarters, so chose a simple setting that didn’t use much fabric. I like how the four brown setting squares frame the center block (which just happens to be my favorite!).

I’ve been a sucker for straight line quilting lately! I asked my Instagram followers how to quilt this, and the majority said quilt each block with a different design, but I like that an overall design keeps all the separate blocks cohesive.

This fabric collection also included a few panels, so I added one to the back. It’s a cute garden scene framed with flowers. It really makes this quilt extra-special!

I ran out of brown binding for this quilt, so decided to frame the bottom right corner with a pop of purple. I thought about adding in a similar brown, but I’d rather have something stand out than almost match.

And since we’re packing for our upcoming move, I finally had an open wall to hang this on! Of course, my favorite quilt model stepped in for his time in the spotlight!

Our new house has a huge backyard, so I can’t wait to settle in and get the garden going. The thought of seeing beautiful colors and having a variety of smells and tastes brings me so much excitement and joy. This quilt will definitely make an appearance somewhere in the new place!

If you want to see the individual blocks up close, you can see my past blogs about it here.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


I’d love to meet up with you on Instagram! I’ll be posting lots of pics of the house and garden, as well as all my quilts.


  1. I love your quilt, Lindsay! Straight line quilting looks great. I’m excited for your move and look forward to photos.


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