FAQs: Soup Bowl Cozy Pattern


It’s been about two years since I’ve posted my free Soup Bowl Cozy pattern — and more than 700,000 people have made them since! (How crazy is that?!) And in that time, I’ve gotten about the same amount of questions about this pattern. I hope this blog can answer some of the most frequently asked questions for future makers of this pattern!

1. Do I have to use 100% cotton fabric, thread, and batting?

If you plan to put the bowl cozy in the microwave, you absolutely have to use 100% cotton materials. Anything else will start on fire or melt when heated. Make sure to avoid fabric or thread that have metallic touches, too. My favorite thread to use is Auriful 50-weight thread, which is 100% cotton and low lint.

2. Can I use flannel?

Most flannels are 100% cotton or wool, but it’s best to check the label in case the manufacturer mixed it with flammable synthetic fibers.

3. What type of batting do I use?

I personally use Pellon’s Wrap N Zap, which you can buy at JoAnn or on Amazon. It’s 100% cotton and safe for the microwave. It’s the only batting I trust for soup bowl cozies. If you’re using a different brand, check that the batting is 100% cotton and does not contain a scrim (which can contain flammable polyester). If you use a batting that you’re unsure about, you can still use it to hold hot bowls — just don’t heat it in the microwave with the bowl. Transfer the bowl to the cozy after heating.

4. Why does the pattern call for two layers of batting?

Bowls can get hot when heated! The two layers of batting ensure that you can safely handle the bowl cozy without burning your hands or set on your table without damaging the table’s surface.

5. What size bowl is this pattern for?

This bowl cozy perfectly fits a 6″-diameter bowl with a little room to spare.

6. What are the measurements for different sizes of soup bowl cozies?

You can make this bowl in different sizes by simply changing the size fabric and batting squares you start with, as well as the dart measurements (step 3 in the pattern).

  • 9″ squares; put darts 1″ across and 2″ down (snuggly fits 6″-diameter bowl)
  • 12″ squares; put darts 1″ across and 2.5″ down (8″ bowls)
  • 15″ squares; put darts 1″ across and 3″ down (12″ bowls)

7. Do you have a pattern for mug and plate cozies?

I don’t — at least for now. I’ve gotten quite a few requests, though, so it may be something I tackle in the future.

8. I’m having trouble sewing through all those layers — what do I do?

If your machine is having trouble sewing through all the layers in this project, you have a few options to help! You can cut the batting squares at 9.5″ square and center them on the fabric 10″ squares before sewing. This will eliminate extra batting bulk in the seam allowance. You can trim the seam allowance to 1/8″ before turning and topstitching to eliminate bulk in the seam allowance. You can also try sewing with a walking foot to more easily glide over the layers when sewing.

9. How do you wash the bowl cozies?

The bowl cozies are completely washable! Wash in cold water with like colors (I like to use a color catcher the first time I wash in case the fabrics run). You can lay the cozy flat to dry to have it keep its shape, but if you dry it on low in the dryer, you can use an iron and a little steam to reshape the cozy.

10. Can I use this pattern to make and sell soup bowl cozies?

Of course! Many of the makers of this pattern have sold them to raise money for charities, have taught classes at their quilt shop, or have sold them in their Etsy store. I’d love if you gave me credit for the pattern and linked to my website, though. I spend time and money to keep this blog and my patterns free for others, and would appreciate being credited!

11. What else can I use these cozies for?

I wrote a blog showing six more fun ways to use this pattern here. If you have other creative ways to use it, please let me know!

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  1. Is it possible to buy these from you? I bought one at a craft fair long ago, and I would like to purchase ones for my 2 adult children. (If you no longer sell them, can you refer me to someone who does?) Thank you!!


  2. These are also great for the elderly for their ice cream. I took care of an elderly lady who had ice cream every night before bed and the bowl was always to cold for her lap so I put the cozie under it and she was so happy and it kept her warm and happy.


  3. Thanks for your information on the bowl cozy. I wanted to make a different size but wasn’t sure what dimensions I needed to change. I see you keep the 1 in. for the top but changed the bottom numbers when you made larger bowls. I can’t get my bowls to come out even what could be my problem?


  4. I saw these at a recent craft fair, and one of the vendors said that a customer remarked that their grandchild loves ice cream, but disliked holding the cold bowl. Problem solved with this nifty cozie! ❤


  5. I love the fabric in your soup bowl cozy and I am making some for gifts. Can you tell me who makes these fabrics or the brands. Thank you for the pattern.


  6. Thank you for the pattern. My 12 year old daughter saw these at a craft fair, and decided to make them for Christmas presents. We found you pattern to be very easy to follow and she has made several all one her own. Thank you so much!


  7. Best cozy bowl pattern yet. I like knowing how to make bigger ones too. So today I am making my first set. This cozy will be the Christmas gift for co-workers and family. Luckily I found that special batting on a bolt for a really good price at a popular online shopping place. Thanks for sharing. I’ve put you on my list of favorite quilting resources.


  8. Thank you! I am currently making these to help my son go on a service trip to Africa with his college. I am going to try some of the bigger sizes soon!


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