An Easy Gift: T-Shirt Quilt

A few months ago, a friend approached me to make her boyfriend a T-shirt quilt for his birthday. I’d never made one before, but it seemed like a fun challenge to tackle with a friend’s help (and a bottle of wine!)

We had a small collection of jerseys, polos, and T-shirts, so we cut them as large as we could and even used the backs of some of the shirts. Luckily, the shirts were all a specific color palette, which made it easy to arrange.

We used large square rulers to cut the shirts and backed each shirt with Stabili-Tee, a soft fusible stabilizer to make it easier to sew the shirts together and prevent stretching.

Of course, I had the best helpers in the world to make this quick work! We put on Netflix, poured the wine, and did an assembly line process of putting it together!

We assembled the pieces in vertical rows and used cotton fabric to to help all the pieces line up as needed!

We opted to skip the batting and quilting for a fast finish! We just sewed flannel pieces together, then sewed the top and the back together with right sides together. We left a hole along one edge for turning. Then I topstitched it around the outside to close the hole.

It’ll be a nice light throw for all year round — and perfect for outdoor picnics! I really enjoyed making it, and look forward to turning my husband’s T-shirts into a quilt soon!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


Have you ever made a T-shirt quilt? What did you like or dislike about it?


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