A Birthday Project: Weeks 36 and 37

I have a little over three months left in my daily hexagon project, and I’m preparing for the end! I’ve pieced a low-volume background for the hexagons (you can see in the pic below). And I’ve started hand-stitching each week of hexagons into flower shapes. I’m excited to see this starting to come together. As part of celebrating a year in my life, I’m making a hexagon to describe each day! (You can read more about this project here.)

Here’s a little description of what each hexagon means (start in the middle with the black hexagon, move to the presents hexagon and move clockwise):

Day 246: Crazy thunderstorm and lightening tonight.

Day 247: I’m preparing for our magazines’ holiday gift guides and am starting to get lots of packages in the office! (Here’s a sneak peek!)

Day 248: Came down with a bad cold — can you spot the Red Cross in this hexagon?

Day 249: Found a beautiful blue robin’s egg in our yard.

Day 250: Sick, lazy day and fell asleep early.

Day 251: It’s the start of the hottest weekend. We have heat warnings and the sun is blazing.

Day 252: Started hand-sewing hexagons together.

Here’s a little description of what each hexagon means (start in the middle with the brown hexagon, move to the raindrop hexagon and move clockwise):

Day 253: A storm caused a huge branch to fall off our tree.

Day 254: Nonstop rain the last few weeks.

Day 255: Hubby and I both tried to surprise each other by buying a bottle of wine…at the same grocery store…at the same time.

Day 256: Ate at a new Salvadorian food restaurant. Very good!

Day 257: First day of summer!

Day 258: Went to the Des Moines Art Fest.

Day 259: Spent the day with friends at the Iowa Quilt Museum and local quilt shop.

I’ll update my hexagon progress every week or two! And I’ll be using the hashtag #lindsayhexies29 on Instagram to share pictures.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


1 Comment

  1. So fun to see the scissors fabric already in a heck! I’m so amazed by your great fabric choices. This is such a cool project.


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