Cross-Stitch Bookmark

I love reading just as much as I love sewing! I’m combining my hobbies this entire year by making a bookmark a month (with a free pattern, of course!) and sharing my reading list! You can find my reading list at the end of the blog!

This month, I decided to turn a long-term cross-stitch UFO (Quilty Stitches by Coriander Quilts) into a bookmark. The original pattern was 16 cross-stitch blocks. I had two and a half done, so finished it to make a square design. This is a great idea for turning any project (test block for a quilt, extra triangle-square units, or an embroidery design) into something useable! I especially love that I can cross this project off my UFO list and make room for something I’m more excited to work on.


  • Embroidered or quilted design (mine measured 4″)
  • Felt for backing

Assemble the Bookmark:

1. Cut the felt approximately 1/2″ larger than your finished project.

2. Center the project on top of the felt, then stitch the project to the felt. I used a straight-stitch, because Aida fabric doesn’t fray easily. If you’re using cotton fabric, use a zigzag, blanket, or satin stitch to prevent fraying.

And here’s my reading list for July! (It was a slow reading month.)

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Thanks for joining me for “happy hour”,


What books are you reading now? I’m always on the lookout for more to add to my reading list!

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