My Iron Clean-Up = Better Sewing

Earlier this week, I hosted the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast! It was so fun getting together with my editor and designer friends to give really fun tips for our listeners — everything from our products we love to quilting trends to heartwarming stories. Listen to it here!

I had a blast chatting with everyone! I was extremely inspired by my chat with Joanna, the editor of Quilts and More! She had a challenge for our listeners — to make use of what you have by cleaning and maintaining your supplies so they last longer. She encouraged us to spend 15 minutes fixing an item in our sewing space.

My ironing board and iron cane to mind when we were chatting. I’ve been sewing with this beat-up board for years now and it keeps getting worse. But instead of replacing it and cleaning my iron, I’ve been struggling through.

My ironing board cover is ripped badly, covered in scorch marks, and has fusible glued down in spots that I’ve learned to avoid. You know what I did to fix it? Ordered a new one — it took seconds to have one sent to me from Amazon and it will make my sewing experience SO MUCH BETTER! (If you’re interested in the one I bought, it’s here.)

I also did a quick scrub of my iron. My iron wasn’t too bad, but I definitely don’t clean it as much as I should, and have recently been sewing with a lot of white fabrics so wanted to make sure I wasn’t leaving behind any brown marks.

I used a fabric softener sheet. Have you ever used one? I just wipe it against the iron plate and it takes off the brown spots. Super easy!

I’m so happy to have my iron and ironing board in great condition — I can’t believe I was ironing with it that way for so long. What needs a little TLC in your sewing room? Listen to our podcast and be inspired to make a little change!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


If you participate in our challenge, post on Instagram and tag it with #APQTryThisAtHome.

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