Cute Cat Pot Holder

Last week, I hosted the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast! It aired on my birthday, so I celebrated by giving a little interview, sharing some favorite products, and talking about some ways to personalize holiday gifts! Listen to the podcast here (it’s the first one to air in October of 2018).

I had a blast chatting with everyone! I especially loved my talk with Joanna, the editor of Quilts and More! We played a really fun game to get us out of a creative rut. Have you ever been in a rut? Since I’ve moved into our new home early this year, I’ve had a hard time making time for sewing — there’s so many other things to work on in the home now! The game we played involved picking slips of paper from a jar — one paper for a type of project and one for a type of fabric. I picked a pot holder made from novelty fabrics.

The game is designed to force you to sew something small with fabrics you may not necessarily gravitate to. It was fun to choose fabrics (I’ve been hoarding a charm pack of the Caturday collection by Felice Regina’s for Windham Fabrics.) I fussy-cut the pieces to frame some cute cats!

I didn’t use a pattern, which was liberating! I just made Square-in-a-Square blocks (one of my favorites) and added extra strips around the outside to make it a little bigger. I even pieced the back to showcase some more prints. I lined the pot holder with a piece of batting and piece of Insul-Bright to protect hands and tables from hot dishes. (If you’re looking for an easy pot holder pattern, I love this one!)

I made a delicious apple crisp this weekend to try it out — and it works great! Forcing myself to sew this project helped me see my fabric in a new light and get creative with such a utilitarian project. I would definitely do this again when I’m feeling in a rut! If you need a little help feeling inspired, listen to our podcast!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


If you participate in our challenge, post on Instagram and tag it with #APQTryThisAtHome.

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