Battle of the Fabric Glue Pens

Following my yearlong English paper piecing project, I wanted to share a little info about the two fabric glue pens I used to baste my fabric to my paper pieces! I spent a lot of time with these glue pens and hope my opinions are helpful in choosing one for your project!


Fabric glue pens can be used for a variety of purposes! Use it in place of pins to hold fabric together, to glue baste in English paper piecing, to hold appliqué pieces in place before stitching, or to hold binding in place while machine- or hand-sewing in place. There are a lot of brands and styles of fabric glue out there — these two are just the ones I tried out.


Outside appearance: Pink + butterflies is prettier than plain white. It stands out on my sewing table, so I don’t lose it and looks cute in photographs.

Grip: Both have easy-to-grip handles in a comfortable diameter.

Glue color: Both the blue and the neon yellow stood out on white paper and against the fabric (at least for me). But blue is most likely easier for poor eyesight or bad lighting.

Ease of use: Both glue pens are very intuitive and easy to use. I thought the neon yellow pen glided smoothly, evenly distributed the glue, and I never felt like I was using too much.

Mess level: I thought the blue glue pen was a little messier. Many times, I ended up with it on my hands, my cutting mat, or my fabric. It seemed to come out a little thicker and heavier, so I felt like there were times I was using too much and getting globs of it.

Ease of changing out glue inserts: Both glue pens change out the same way, and they are easy!

Length it lasts: Since both glue sticks are the same length, they last the same amount of time.

Stickiness: I used my fabric glue pens for English paper piecing, and had some of my pieces glue basted for six months and they were still perfectly kept in place. Both did a great job holding my fabric tight, while still being easy to rip the paper out after things were sewn together.

WINNER: Honestly, I can’t pick! (And I just bought refills for both of these glue pens, which I know is no help.) I think overall, I had a better experience with the neon yellow glue pen, since it was less messy. But the blue is much easier to see in my workspace and on my paper pieces. Moving forward, I will most likely use the neon yellow Quilter’s Select for covering larger areas (such as larger hexagons or holding fabric pieces in place for applique or binding). The blue Sewline will be my first choice for smaller pieces or for projects where I need the glue color to stand out.

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What’s your fave glue pen? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments!


  1. I have used the Sew Line glue pen and I agree with your comments. However, I have spent almost $50 on refills and not remotely finished with the project not to mention the three other projects in the wings. I will try basting, without poking thru the papers and see how that goes.


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