2019 UFO Challenge

My guess is that most quilters have unfinished projects (or UFOs). Even I, someone who thrives on crossing things off my to-do list and completing projects, has a stack of in-process quilts waiting to be given some time and love. That’s why I’m so excited to start my fourth year of the AllPeopleQuilt.com UFO Challenge!

To me, unfinished projects take up space, cause stress, and block my creativity. I also love the excitement of starting a new project, though, so it’s impossible to keep my to-dos from piling up. The Challenge keeps me accountable and brings renewed energy to some projects that have been sitting around for awhile.

American Patchwork & Quilting‘s challenge is easy: download their project list, write down 12 unfinished projects you want to work on, and commit to making progress. Each month, they choose a random number that corresponds to one on your list. You work on that project all month, posting pictures online using the hashtag #APQResolution. They also have an exclusive Facebook support group in case you need extra motivation or help.

Last year, I finished five quilts on my list! After four years of participating in this challenge, I only have seven UFOs left, so I’ll have a few open months to continue working on my projects.

My UFO Challenge List:

  1. On the Bright Side quilt
  2. Improv quilt
  3. Solstice Challenge quilt
  4. Lost Ships quilt
  5. [empty — will work on another UFO project]
  6. [empty — will work on another UFO project]
  7. Superhero quilt
  8. Feathered Stars quilt
  9. [empty — will work on another UFO project]
  10. [empty — will work on another UFO project]
  11. [empty — will work on another UFO project]
  12. Grandma’s antique quilt

If you have UFOs, I’d love for you to join me in the UFO Challenge. (Grab all the details here.) I’ll be posting monthly updates of my progress on the blog and want your help keeping myself accountable!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


I’d love to connect on Instagram! Find me at @lindsmayland.


  1. Hello again – For those of use who don’t do social media, is there a way that the UFO Challenge number for the month can be announced? I now realize that’s why I probably missed it for February. Thanks.


  2. Is there a way I can participate w/out having a Facebook account (I do not have one & have no desire to have one)? I do have IG account. Thanks, Deb


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