Quilting Bucket List: January Update

For me, January flew by! Usually I have a lot of energy to tackle my list of UFOs, set goals for the upcoming year, and cross some items off my list. But this year, January was full of travel, unexpected work, and not enough time in the sewing room. This just means, I’m getting a slower start to my Ultimate Bucket List from American Patchwork & Quilting — but I did manage to cross some items off that list.

Out of the 50 items on the Bucket List, here are the ones I crossed off in January:

  • 20. Take a picture/journal about each quilt you make this year. (I do this with my blog usually, so this was an easy one to cross off.)
  • 29. Change out all your quilts for a new season. (Just swapped all our quilts from Christmas to winter. The one shown below is a free pattern, which you can find here.)


  • 33. Safely wash and store your quilts.
  • 37. Stay calm when you realize you’ve run out of bobbin thread while sewing. (This was a hard one — and it happens more than I’d like to admit.)


  • 39. Post a photo of a quilt you’re proud of on social media. (Let’s connect on Facebook or Instagram!)

 Download your Bucket List here and start crossing items off your list! I’ll blog monthly about items I’ve crossed off , and I’m happy to have you all for support — I hope you join me!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


If you participate, post your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #APQBucketList. I’ll be checking the hashtag to cheer everyone on!

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