This Is Thirty: A Birthday Project Update

To celebrate turning 30 years old in October, I started a new project aimed at getting me out of my comfort zone and listening to my creative spirit. I decided to make an improv block each week of my 30th years, and now that four months have passed, I wanted to share an update!


So, I might’ve been a little ambitious in making one a week. I started off strong, but then the holidays came, and I pushed this project aside. I have 12 blocks so far (when I should have 18). But I designed this project to learn how to break the rules, so it’s fitting that I didn’t even follow my own self-imposed schedule.


I have no agenda for these blocks. When I feel inspired or in a playful mood, I choose fabrics that delight me. Then, I cut, piece, cut again, etc, until I have a new creation. Many times, the block turns out so differently than I saw it originally in my head. Sometimes, I make a mistake and just roll with it — it’s a happy accident! So far, I haven’t ripped any seams. I’ve just altered my plan and keep pushing forward.


Each block will finish at 3″ square. (Hey, I couldn’t have this project be complete chaos!) I, as of yet, don’t have plans for how I’ll put them together into a quilt. But I’m excited to see where it leads me!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour”,


Have you ever tried improv piecing? Did you like it? As a rule-follower, I find it both freeing and scary!


  1. I’ve decided this year to make one pin cushion a week and date them. So far I have kept up. Have no idea whatI will do with them but I am doing some improv where I am using the left over scraps I have used in the weeks projects.


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