Happy 40th Anniversary, OLFA!

What quilting tool could you never live without? For me, it’s my OLFA rotary cutter. It’s the first rotary cutter I ever tried and it was a life-changer! Not only are they really pretty (I mean, those bright and happy colors, right?), but they cut all my fabrics crisply and easily. My OLFA tools ensure that my project starts and ends on a good note, and that I’m always proud of the finished quilt.

To help OLFA celebrate the 40th anniversary of the rotary cutter, I was lucky enough to design a quilt block for their quilt along! From February 4th – November 4th, 2019, they’re releasing one free block per week from 40 amazing designers! You can find my block, as well as all future blocks on their website here.


The quilt was made in the colors of OLFA’s Splash rotary cutters! It was so fun pulling fabrics from my stash to match the rotary cutters (I couldn’t help but use all the colors in my block). I combined two of my favorite blocks into one — a Log Cabin and a Square-in-a-Square. Each of these blocks relies on accurate cutting and piecing (something your OLFA tools can definitely help with).

I hope you join the quilt along! Forty years of the rotary cutter is something to celebrate! Find more about the quilt along here.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour”,


What’s your favorite OLFA tool? Share in the comments!

1 Comment

  1. I agree that the rotary cutter was the biggest and best change in quilting! I made one quilt by hand, tracing templates, and would not be a quilter if that was the only option! I love my turquoise Olfa Splash. Love your block with all the colors!


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