Quilting Bucket List: April-July Update

Seven months in and I’ve only crossed 17 things off the Ultimate Bucket List from American Patchwork & Quilting. This summer has been crazy, so I haven’t spent too much time in my sewing room, but I’ve only completely 34% of the Bucket List, so I better get my butt in gear and start checking things off the list!

Out of the 50 items on the Bucket List, here are the ones I crossed off from April-July:

1. Use acrylic or paper templates to piece a block. (I used a template to piece the Color Outside the Lines quilt, shown below.)


19. Label a quilt. (Don’t forget your name and the date!) (I label all my quilts, but this one I did for a memory quilt was really special.)


26. Make a bed-size quilt, then snuggle under it. (The Sew Many Strips quilt is one of my favorites I’ve ever made! And it’s a big one.)


27. Attend a national quilt show. (Went to Quilt Market in Kansas City in May.)

30. Visit a new quilt shop (with your best quilting buddies). (Visited Off the Rails Quilting in Bondurant, Iowa, with my girlfriends a few months ago. I picked up lots of fun goodies.)

36. Quilt your own project. (You can do it!) (I quilt almost all my projects, so this one was easy to cross off. Check out that yummy serpentine stitch. It’s one of my favorites to do.)


42. For a week, spend 3 minutes picking up your work space after each sewing session. (I’m an annoyingly clean and organized person, so I pick up my space every time I sew.)

Download your Bucket List here and start crossing items off your list! I’ll blog monthly about items I’ve crossed off , and I’m happy to have you all for support — I hope you join me!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


If you participate, post your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #APQBucketList. I’ll be checking the hashtag to cheer everyone on!

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