Fresh Triangle Table Runner

You ever have one of those projects that’s so close to being finished, but it just sits there for months and months getting ignored? That’s what this project was for me. I finished this quilt top back in April — and then finally last weekend, I decided to finish it. The quilting and binding only took two hours. Our living room table has been sitting bare and sad just waiting for this quilt. And now that it has found its home on the coffee table, our living room seems complete.

I started with a pack of precut triangles. They don’t sell these unfortunately — these triangles were cut off to make precut hexagons that Hoffman Fabrics was manufacturing at that time, and they were handing them out at a tradeshow for fun. It’s a mix of Me + You Indah Batiks. I chose only the colors that matched our living room — neutrals with pops of yellows, teals, and oranges. Below is what I didn’t use.

I laid them out in a layout that I liked. This was the hardest part, because I wanted the colors and patterns to be dispersed evenly across the quilt, but I was working with a limited amount of triangles. When I found a layout I liked, I sew the triangles together in rows, then sewed the rows together.

My tips for sewing with triangles:

  • Use starch — they have bias edges and can distort if you handle them too much. So use a little starch to help it keep its shape while you’re sewing and pressing.
  • Press seams open — this helps reduce bulk in the seams.
  • Test your 1/4″ seam — if you’re not using an accurate seam allowance, you’ll cut the points off all your triangles when you sew them together.


I trimmed the quilt top so it was rectangular and didn’t have spiky triangle edges to try to bind around. I quilted it with straight lines 1/4″ from each side edge of the triangles using a cream thread, so it would blend in.

I backed and binded it with a funky black print for the Sushi collection from Northcott Fabrics. Our living room is based on a mix of black-and-white geometric prints with pops of color, so this will match perfectly!

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour”,


Have you ever sewed with triangles? Did you like the process?

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