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Canva - Piggy Bank With Coins

I won’t lie — quilting can be an expensive hobby. So I’m always looking for ways to save on my purchases, get cash back, or save up for bigger ticket items. These four apps are all ones I’ve been using for over a year and have found valuable! I’ve outlined what I love (and what I find difficult) for each one, but hope you find a few that may help you save for your own quilting purchases. (I just got a new iron with my savings, and have my sights set on a new sewing chair next.)



What is it? Add this “cash back” button as an extension to your internet browser or use the app on your phone. You can also connect your credit or debit card and get cash back on in-store purchases. Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending people to their website and stores, and they share it with you. Every time you shop online, it automatically applies eligible coupons to your final order and gives you cash back!

How much does it cost? It’s free for you!

What are the benefits? It’s easy! Just shop as usual with Rakuten activated and get money back. They pay you regularly four times a year automatically to your PayPal account or as a check to the address of your choosing.

What’s hard about it? I do a lot of my online shopping through Amazon, but cash back at Amazon can only be earned on items added to your cart after clicking through Rakuten, which is a little tedious and I don’t always remember to do it. There’s also always exclusions, so read the fine print to see if your purchase counts as part of the offer.

Why do I personally love it? I don’t have to change my online shopping habits at all. I shop when I want and buy what I want and it automatically gets me money back on anything that’s eligible. (And it’s definitely made biting the bullet on some larger-priced items like furniture a little easier, since I know I’ll be getting money back on the purchase.)

Sign up with my code. You’ll get an extra $10 back after you spend $25!


Fetch Rewards

What is it? Just snap a picture of your grocery receipts and the Fetch app awards you points on all participating products and special offers. Use your points to redeem rewards in the form of gift cards to a variety of places.

How much does it cost? It’s free for you!

What are the benefits? This app does so much! Of course, it easily gets you points by simply taking pictures of each grocery receipt. But it also let’s you plan your shopping list based on special deals and tracks your spending on groceries each month. It also learns your shopping habits and recommends special deals based on products it knows you buys often.

What’s hard about it? If your grocery list isn’t huge, the points may not add up too quickly. Our household is just my husband and I, so we’re not always spending too much on groceries. Some weeks, we only get 100 points back, while other times if we buy something with a special offer, we’ll get 3,000. But it’s hard to predict.

Why do I personally love it? No clipping coupons or deals on this app like in other grocery apps I’ve tried, which means I just stick to my normal shopping habits and get points back with a simple picture of the receipt. The rewards are also for gift cards we’d actually use like Target, Home Depot, and Amazon.

Download the Fetch app on your phone and use my referral code ND1DC at the sign-up screen. You’ll get 2,000 points after scanning your first receipt!



What is it? Earn cash back in-store and online when you shop for groceries, clothing, home, travel, and more. Add offers to your Ibotta app account, then upload a receipt to earn cash back on eligible products.

How much does it cost? It’s free for you!

What are the benefits? This app is especially useful if you plan your shopping list in advance and are able to adjust your shopping list based on deals (like buying another brand or buying two of something). It’s also like a game — connect with your friends on the app to form teams and get extra points for hitting goals, or get bonus cash back for participating in special challenges.

What’s hard about it? You have to add the offers you think you’ll use to your account before you shop (if your loyalty card is linked) or before you upload the receipt. The app also seems to have trouble knowing what your receipt says sometimes, so it will ask you to scan the barcode of the item you’ve bought. (A few times, we’ve used the item and have already thrown it away before I had the chance to upload the receipt, so we missed out on cash back).

Why do I personally love it? Certain items get you a lot of cash back — specifically alcohol, personal care/household items, and frozen food. So although most of our shopping trips don’t get us too much cash back, if we’re stocking up on any of these bigger deal items, we can save big.

Download the Ibotta app on your phone and use my referral code IBIIXDG to start saving.



What is it? Qapital is an app that allows you to make savings goals, create rules to automatically save the money from your bank account, then use that money for your planned purchases. It doesn’t give you extra money back, but it makes it easier to save for special purchases (like a new cutting table, a quilting cruise, or an iron).

How much does it cost? Plans start at $3. (I use the Basic plan.)

What are the benefits? This app allows you to create savings goals, add savers (like if your husband was saving for the same goal), and then create savings rules that make it easy to put money toward a goal. There are a lot of options for saving money –you can round up to the nearest dollar with every purchase, transfer a certain amount every month, or even link it to your health app to reward you for completing exercise goals. It’s easy to adjust to your needs and it makes it fun at the same time. You can pause a goal at any time if money is tight.

What’s hard about it? Because you pay for it monthly, it sometimes feels like you could be putting that money toward one of your purchases instead of the app.

Why do I personally love it? I have goals set up for larger items like vacations that I save for all year long. It seems easier to put a little away here and there rather than a big amount all at once. And the app does that all for me automatically so I don’t have to worry about the logistics. In fact, the money I’ve saved isn’t anything I’ve noticed missing from my bank account.

Sign up for Qapital with this link or use my referral code sz32a2e6 to get money toward one of your goals. (The amount of cash offered with the referral changes often, but you should receive some sort of bonus!)

This page may contain affiliate links. Please review my disclosure for more info.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour”,


If you have any questions about these apps, please let me know! Or if you have any you love, let me know in the comments!

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