Give It a Month: 30 Minutes of Daily Sewing

Today’s the last day in my second “Give It a Month” birthday challenge. Each month this upcoming year, I’m conquering a new quilting technique. This past month, I tried sewing for 30 minutes a day.

I’ve done a week of 20 minutes of daily sewing before, so this wasn’t the biggest reach for me. But with the holiday season upon us, I wanted to make sure I was spending time in my sewing room to work on holiday gifts, catch up on UFOs, and have some stress-free time to myself.

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 10.51.37 AM

What I Learned:

It was harder than I thought to get to my sewing room each day. I did a poll on my Instagram and 56% of my followers sewed daily. High five to those people! But I struggled to sew some days with my full-time job, social obligations, and a bad cold the last week of the challenge. I did find that I was finishing a lot more, feeling more accomplished, and loved having that creative time each day.

How I Made Time + Stay Motivated:

  • This month’s challenge started the weekend of Daylight Savings Time. So, I changed my alarm to wake up 30 minutes earlier (which was actually still sleeping in an extra 30 minutes!). On most days, I woke up and went straight to my sewing room.
  • I downloaded a lot of audio books to listen to. It provided me a little extra motivation to get my sewing time in, so I could also make progress on a book.
  • I always set my future self up for success. Before I ended my sewing time each day, I made sure I was ready to start right away the next day. (I wound an extra bobbin if I was low, gathered fabrics or pieces for tomorrow’s project, and made notes of where I was in a project if needed). There’s nothing that derails a quick sewing session faster than not being prepared.

What I Accomplished:

I finished A LOT. I’m so surprised and proud of how much I got done this past month. And on many days, I found that I sewed longer than 30 minutes (especially on weekends).


Final verdict:

So after a month of sewing for 30 minutes again, will I keep it up? Absolutely! I loved the little ritual of sipping a cup of coffee each morning while sewing — and I accomplished a lot! Since I’m already used to waking up earlier, I’ll plan to keep my schedule of morning sewing each day, but allow myself a little leeway — no reason to force myself to sew when I’m too sick or have other plans.

Thanks for joining me for “happy hour,”


Do you sew daily? Tell me how you make the time in the comments!


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