A Little Fabric Giveaway

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Winner is Judy Daniel Omans.

Last week, I finished a month-long sewing room declutter. After years of quilting, collecting fabrics and tools, and moving homes, I was ready to go through everything and make a little more room to get creative and store my favorite things! This led to me getting rid of a lot of things — and I mean A LOT! See that picture below. (It scares me to look at!)

To celebrate, I’m doing a little giveaway from the piles I’m donating! One lucky winner will receive six fat quarters of sewing-theme fabric. (So cute, right?)

\Thanks for joining me for “happy hour” and for sharing in my sewing room declutter!



  1. My biggest challenge organizing my sewing/guest/office room is cleaning out the sewing closet/out of season clothes closet. I’m in the process of organizing by season and type of fabric. I’m changing out cardboard boxes for clear plastic storage and relabeling each tub as I go. i’m cleaning out a box each night and treat myself to finishing mini projects along the way!


  2. I guess my challenge to my sewing room being organized is keeping it organized. Not getting lazy and just laying stuff down to be put away “later” ;-D

    Thanks for a chance to win!


  3. My biggest sewing studio challenge is keeping my space decluttered with everything in their proper place, My studio also houses my Office/files plus a storage closet. I hate clutter so try to clear it each day by day’s end so I can start with a fresh space the next day.


  4. My biggest organization challenge is placing my fabrics in a way that I can see them easily so I can find what I need. I Have my fabrics in piles by color but sometimes smaller pieces get buried and I don’t see them.


  5. I would say that my biggest challenge would be that I have very little space to organize…it is a closet….it is about 5×4….not big enough to get two shelves


  6. My biggest challenge is to find time to create and then locating my things to work with. Space is another issue. Would love a craft room with everything in it.


  7. My biggest challenge is staying organized throughout a project and keeping my sewing room organized throughout the room for easy access to fabrics I already have.


  8. My biggest challenge is letting go! I have been cleaning up odd pieces and trimming to the nearest precut size… but to just donate it or throw it is beyond me at this point.


  9. My biggest challenge is to create space where space is limited. Thanks for the challenge as well as the opportunity for the giveaway. I look forward to reading your blog and being inspired.


  10. My biggest challenge at the moment is that while doing a bit of remodeling I feel like I am living in a construction zone … so until that is done I don’t think much “creating” will be going on!! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!!


  11. My biggest challenge is me, I don’t want to take the time while creating by putting things back where they belong so I end up with piles everywhere, then after a few weeks I have to take a day to clean everything up.


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