37584456_1070209269805661_7228947537086906368_nHi, everyone! I’m Lindsay Mayland! I’m a web and social media editor by day and a quilter by night. Between work, chores, and spending time with family and friends, I squeeze in quilting during my “happy hour”. (And I’ll be honest, a glass of wine is usually involved.)

Seven years ago, I didn’t know how to sew. After collecting yards and yards of fabric (and eventually running out of room for it), I decided that I needed to put it to good use. Always a crafty and creative person, I became a self-taught quilter and have loved it ever since.

I’m still learning a lot, experimenting with designs, and growing as a quilter everyday — and I love sharing the journey and passion with other quilters!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing “happy hour” with me!